How can I create or register for race?

How can I create my race?

Do you wish to enjoy the race atmosphere against your friends? No problem, you can create your private race, invite your friends, and start the battle. We will introduce you to creating your race at your preferred time and dream route. 

Let´s get started with creating your race on --> log in --> Explore --> Races. Open a race creator, fill up all your race data, and click "Create race."


How to register for the race?

You can register for an already created race via the ROUVY app or on our website, " " 

In the ROUVY app

Go to the ROUVY application. Make sure you have the current version of the app. Please log in to the app with your credentials. When you open the app, click the Event button at the right bottom corner. There, you will view all current events taking place and upcoming events in the next hour. To see your planned events, including races, click the">" button. If you are registered for the race, you will see a green line.

If you wish only to watch the race, you can use Watch mode.

After clicking the " Start list " button, you can also see the Start list.

You can also download the route directly from this place. There is no need to look for the route in the route search.


You can see up to 100 races in "Upcoming" that have status planned. Select the race you wish to participate in and register for the race.

You can also simply "Unregister" from the race one hour before the beginning of the race. 


Register through our site

Please go to website -> login -> Explore -> Race > scroll down on the page select the "Detail" option. Now you can choose "Register now." You can also simply "Unregister" from the race.


Enjoy the Virtual race feelings with your friends!

Our recommendation:

  • download video of the route before the race
  • close all the other apps
  • restart ROUVY, and your device
  • be ready for the race 15 minutes before the start
  • be sure that your device is fully charged

NOTE: Keeping the app up to date all the time to participate in the race.

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