How to manage your subscription and payment method

In this article, we bring you a few tips on how to manage your subscription plan and payment method.

How to change the subscription plan?

Did you purchase a monthly subscription and you decided to change your subscription to a long-term subscription plan? No problem, we will show you how to do it.

First please go to the ROUVY web and log in > Settings > Subscription > Manage subscription.


Continue by clicking on the subscription detail > Edit Subscription and select your new plan.


Because you are changing the subscription plan before it expires, the remaining credits of the previous plan are deducted from the price of the new plan. 


Finally, confirm the change using the "Update Subscription" button. Your new subscription plan is active immediately.

Did you purchase a long-term plan and now would like to change it to a 1-month plan? No problem, the process is the same. But your remaining days from the previous plan will be transferred to credits and these credits will be used for future payments. You can see the remaining amount in the invoice that you will receive in the email.

How to change the payment method?

Your card is about to expire or you want to use another card. You need to add a new credit card.

Go to > log in > Settings > Subscription > Manage Subscription. Open "Payment Methods" and here you can choose between adding the new credit card or just change the actual one. Mark the new card as a Primary payment method.

The new credit card must be verified. The credit card verification process is linked with a $1/€1 transaction. These unit payments are part of the psd2 authorization process. The gateway makes this transaction to the bank - the bank forces the user to perform additional verification - and then voids the transaction.


How to remove an already added Credit card?

Go to > log in > Settings > Subscription > Manage Subscription. Open "Payment Methods" and click on the Credit card detail and select "Remove payment method".


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