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Your ROUVY subscription plan will auto-renew until you cancel. If you purchased your subscription plan via ROUVY directly, provide these steps to cancel your membership and also check related topics

If you decide to cancel your subscription plan, please visit your user profile on rouvy.com > go to the Subscription section > Cancel subscription.


Select „Cancel subscription“ > choose cancellation reason and click on "Proceed to cancellation".


You will be redirected to the next confirmation page:


When you click on the "No, I want to cancel" button your subscription will be canceled with the expiration date.


NB* To end your ROUVY membership, you can also deactivate your account (rouvy.com > MY account > scroll down on the page > Deactivate account > Deactivate). The ROUVY subscription plan will be automatically terminated at the end of the term. 

Cancelation of Paid Services

Available on Terms of use.

You may cancel your Paid Services before the payment due date by logging into your user account on rouvy.com > Cancel subscription > select reason for leaving > proceed to cancelation > scroll down on the page and Confirm Cancellation. The subscription plan will be canceled at the end of the subscription period.

If you signed up through the Google Play or iTunes store, you may cancel your Paid Services through the respective store.

The cancelation of the Paid Services will go into effect at the end of your current billing cycle, and a confirmation email receipt will be sent to you with the expiration date of your subscription.

When your Paid services end, your account will remain (it keeps all activities, personal data, and settings). and become a free membership. You can renew your Paid Services at any time without having to open a new account. Please note that the valid Paid Services fees would be applied, and your current fees would not be honored if the service is interrupted.


In general, ROUVY has a no-refund policy. ROUVY subscriptions include a 14-day Free Trial for new customers. Furthermore, email notifications are sent to active users 5 days prior to the payment due date and it is the customers' sole responsibility to cancel Paid Services if they wish to terminate the subscription plan.

In exceptional cases, a prorated refund can be granted for 6-month and 12-month canceled subscription plans. 15 USD processing fee would be applied to the refunded amount. No refunds will be issued for the monthly service.

For more help, please feel free to contact us.

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