ROUVY AR - Time Trial vs. Training

ROUVY AR - Time Trial vs. Training

Great news!!! Did you know that in the ROUVY AR app, you have options on how to ride the virtual routes? Users can choose between Training and Time Trial, and both of these options have different specifications. Below is the screen showing how to select the mode.

Time Trial

Users are competing against the clock to secure the fastest time. It can be in the same route or event, or an individual or group competing against the clock.

Works on a principal basis of a “real race”. You are not allowed to pause or move your position during the ride. You have to ride the route to the end or end of the whole activity. When you finish it successfully, the app provides your personal record, which is counted on the record list of the particular route and to your career.

See the image of the Time Trial:



Training is there to improve your training on a particular route. For example, you could try a part of the route. In training mode, you can move your position and make a pause. When you finish, the activity is present in your training diary, but without a personal record. This means that the activity is not counted toward the route record list and to your career.
Training is great for riding individual sections repeatedly. For example, your favorite hill–like special endurance training. In training mode, you can change the level of reality - simply go to settings > Reality level.
The "Reality level" is a tool, which helps you to set up the level of true load, but only in training mode. The default is 100%, which is the real load. If you want a lower load, you can set it to less than 100%. Of course, if you want a higher load, you can set it to more than 100%. With 150% of reality level, you will get one and half the higher load, and of course, with 50%, you will get twice the lower.

See the image of the Training:


Reality level:



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