Time trial vs. Just ride

Users can choose between JUST RIDE and TIME TRIAL mode, and both of these options have different specifications explained below. Start a ride and select your ride more for each ride:

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Time trial

Users are competing against the clock to secure the fastest time. It can be in the same ROUTE or EVENT, or as an individual or in a  group competing against the clock.

It works on the principal basis of a real RACE. You are prevented from pausing or moving your position during the ride. You have to ride the ROUTE till the end of the ACTIVITY. When you finish successfully, the app saves your personal records in the ACTIVITIES in your DIARY and on the LEADERBOARD.
If you ride the route again you will be asked if you'd like to compare your time with your personal record, if it is saved on the route it will appear here:

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Check the image of the TIME TRIAL mode.



WarmUp and Cooldown

This feature is switched off as the default.

For the TIME TRIAL mode, it is possible to enable or disable the inclusion of WARMUP before the ride or COOLDOWN after the ride in the performance statistics in the ROUTE SETTINGS. Thanks to that we stopped flooding an Activity list with irrelevant WarmUp and Cool Down activities and give this option only to user they want to. 

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Just ride

JUST RIDE is there to improve your training on a particular route

You can just try a part of a ROUTE or try a long ROUTE in parts which you could choose to go back to complete. In JUST RIDE, you can move your position and pause too.

Note! If you don't move the pin around  or change the REALITY LEVEL on the  ROUTE, your PERSONAL RECORD (PR) will be saved.

When you finish, the ACTIVITY is available and saved in your TRAINING DIARY, but without a personal record on the LEADERBOARD. This means that the ACTIVITY is not counted towards the route record list or your CAREER.

JUST RIDE mode is great for riding certain sections repeatedly, for example, your favorite hill or a special endurance training stretch.


Reality level

The REALITY LEVEL is a tool, which helps you to set up the level of true load, but only in JUST RIDE mode.

The default is 100% which is the real load. If you want a lower or a higher load, you can set it accordingly.

If you want a higher load, you can set it to more than 100%. With 150% of REALITY LEVEL, you will get one and half times the higher load, and of course, with 50%, you will get half the load.

To change the REALITY LEVEL:

  • Select JUST RIDE mode
  • Go to SETTINGS
  • Choose optional REALITY LEVEL

Or you can change reality level on your "Select a ride mode" screen:


Check the JUST RIDE mode image.



Continue from where you stopped

Once the user starts a previously unfinished activity in JUST RIDE mode, the App offers an option to RESUME where you left off the last time. The default option stays continue FROM THE START, which will be autoselected after 10sec if the user doesn’t make any action.

The feature does not work in TIME TRIAL mode.



Don't stop just after one route

After you finish your chosen route in Just Ride mode, the App will recommend to continue cycling on one of the other routes that fit you. Don't get off the bike, just click "Continue" and keep pedalling on the next route.


This feature can be enabled or disabled in SETTINGS.




For more help, please feel free to contact us.

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