Connecting Smart trainer and Smart bike


Before jumping to the saddle and enjoying wonderful routes, you need to connect your smart trainer or smart bike.

First of all, make sure that your trainer/bike is compatible. Here is the list of supported Smart trainers and Smart bikes.

Even if your trainer/bike is not listed, you can try to connect it. However, in this case, we can not guarantee correct working in the ROUVY app.

You can check out here how to connect your Smart trainer/bike. Just follow the instructions below:

1. Open the ROUVY app –> click the menu icon (three lines below each other in the right top corner).


2. Select the "Sensors".


3. Make sure Bluetooth/ANT+ is active and ready to pair = At least one of the icons has to be active (white).


4. Connect it as a “Smart Trainer/Bike”-> click the green button “Add trainer”...


... and choose your trainer/bike from the menu of sensors.


5. If you want to get resistance automatically based on the course, you need to connect your trainer or bike as “Controllable” (highly recommended). If you want to see your cadence during a ride, just connect it as “Cadence”. If you would like to see your heart rate pulse. You should connect the chest strap or Apple watch under “Heart rate”. Click the “Save & Close” button.


6. Close the menu.


Now, the trainer is connected. Just select your favorite riding mode and enjoy the ride maximally :)


Tips & Tricks:

If you have some troubles with pairing, follow the next steps:

For more help, please feel free to contact us.

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