In this article, we are explaining how you can synchronize ROUVY with STRAVA. We are more than happy to have introduced a way for you to sync your activities created in the ROUVY App directly into the STRAVA ACCOUNT and your Outdoor activities from the STRAVA to ROUVY. 

With STRAVA, we have prepared a unique feature for you, so check it out: STRAVA Live Segments.



If you want to get COINS for your Career from Outdoor activities, the ACTIVITY has to be uploaded automatically.

Activities must be recorded directly from the STRAVA application, and the activities must be uploaded as PUBLIC! Changing the privacy settings after uploading will not work!

Please remember you can connect only one ROUVY ACCOUNT to one STRAVA ACCOUNT!


How you can synchronize ROUVY with STRAVA?

Go to to:

  2. Click on your PROFILE  (icon in the right top corner)
  4. Select STRAVA
  5. LOG IN to your STRAVA profile
  6. Authorize ROUVY to connect to STRAVA


That’s it! Your future activities will show up in the STRAVA!


MANUAL - If you choose the manual option, you will have to go to the TRAINING DIARY, choose the ACTIVITY you want, scroll down and send it from the table SHARE TRAINING on the right side. This is a good option if you do not want to have warm-ups and cool-downs in your cloud.

AUTO - Auto share is a good option if you do not want to meddle with anything. It sends the ACTIVITY automatically after the end of the ACTIVITY. Also, it sends warm-up and cool-down to the cloud.

When you want to share your ACTIVITY with STRAVA, you need an Internet connection. 



1. Q: If you go through all the steps to connect ROUVY and STRAVA and still see it disconnected.

Your STRAVA ACCOUNT is probably connected to another ROUVY ACCOUNT. In this case, send us the STRAVA ID (number in the URL) thru Submit a request.



2. Q: You can not see the ride on STRAVA after finishing an ACTIVITY?

This can happen if you are using two apps that are connected to STRAVA (ROUVY and Garmin Connect). STRAVA will see the ride from the second app as a morning ride, evening ride, etc. It is marked as an Outdoor activity. You can always delete the ride on STRAVA and manually reupload it from the ACTIVITY DETAILS in the TRAINING DIARY at


3. Q: How to stop duplicate rides in STRAVA?

Turn off the UPLOAD TO STRAVA feature in ROUVY.

Turn off the UPLOAD TO STRAVA feature in the second app.


For more help, please feel free to contact us.

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