Activities Import

ROUVY enables two ways how to get your outdoor activities to training diary

Outdoors Apps

The most comfortable way is to install some outdoor apps developed by the ROUVY team. These apps communicate ROUVY, you can use your ROUVY user profile and all activities are uploaded to the ROUVY Training diary automatically. More information about ROUVY outdoor Apps in this section

Import via ROUVY website

As a logged user, you can import .FIT and .TCX files via ROUVY site. Also, you can connect PowerTap Joules GPS. We recommend using the manual upload of FIT/TCX files. Simply log in to our ROUVY websites -> tap the "PLUS" icon in the right-top corner and select "Activity import" -> choose the import’s options -> import your activities.


How to import activities from Strava to ROUVY?

If you want to import your activities from Strava to ROUVY, there is a trick to export your own activity in its original file format that's similar to exporting a .TCX version. Simply add "/export_tcx" - without quotes - to the end of your activity page URL and if you need a .fit file, add "/export_original".

For example, if your activity page is - just add the text to give you and hit enter. This will download your activity file in whatever file format it was originally uploaded in.


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