ROUVY Voucher coupon

You have received the voucher code? We will show you how to apply it and let the free period with ROUVY begin.

The voucher code is unique a combination of numbers and letters and has 10 characters.

To apply the voucher code, go to the ROUVY website >login > (or create a ROUVY account if you don't have one yet) > then tap the Settings > Subscription. Enter the code into the relevant box and activate the Voucher code.


What is important to know?

  • Once you enter the code, your Voucher Trial period is active and your days are counting.
  • You can only apply 1 Voucher coupon. It is not possible to activate two or more Voucher coupons together.
  • If your Voucher code was not successfully activated it could be that it's a Discount coupon or Gift card.
  • If you have an active subscription plan, you are not able to apply the Voucher code. In this case, contact ROUVY support on We will find some solution for you.
  • Voucher coupons cannot be purchased. You can get it with a new trainer or win it in some official ROUVY competition.

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