You have to complete the routes in time trial mode.
If you ride it in training mode, it does not count.

Write to support if you want to log out from the challenge.
But there is no need to log out. Nothing happens if you stay registered.

ROUVY Challenges are the unique features that should motivate you for better performance/results, entertainment, make fun. Each challenge is set different targets and rules that you have to accomplish for every challenge. A well-complete challenge will not only make you happy but will give you performance points to your account as well as to your career.

Where can you find Challenges?

Web page

    • Click on explore
    • Challenges
    • You will see the overview of the challenges
    • You can find ongoing, upcoming, and past challenges there.
    • You can join.
    • After joining the challenge, you will get to its detail.





    • Click on explore
    • Scroll down
    • Find the part "Stay motivated with challenges"
    • Click on Learn more
    • Here is the overview of the challenges
    • If you click on the challenge, you will find all its info.
    • You can join them in the challenge detail








Desktop app - ROUVY

  • Look at the screenshot below
  • You can join the challenge in the app
  • There is no challenge detail in the app
  • You can find routes in the 4th tile needed for the challenge you are registered in



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