ROUVY Career

Find out what you need to know about ROUVY Career and its tasks.

Advancing in your ROUVY Career definitely makes your indoor routine more enjoyable and keeps you coming back season after season.
Build your own ROUVY career by advancing various levels based on scores earned based on performance.
Enjoy completing specific tasks linked to climbing the different levels of “My Career.” Once you reach a higher level you’ll receive an email congratulating you on your progress as well as detailing the benefits associated with your current level.


Points system

How does ROUVY calculate the points for the career?

1 TSS = 1 Point (TSS is calculated automatically during the ride)

What is TSS?

Training Stress Score: ROUVY uses several physiological metrics to quantify the training stress of a particular workout or portion of a workout.
Training Stress Score. In ROUVY software, this is an indicator of how hard a workout is.

The formula for TSS is:

TSS = [(s x NP x IF) / (FTP x 3,600)] x 100

Where “s” is workout duration in seconds, “NP” is normalized power (or pace in running), “IF” is intensity factor, “FTP ” is functional threshold power (or pace in running), and “3,600” is the number of seconds in an hour.

NP Normalize Power: An estimate of the power that a rider can maintain for the same physiological “cost,” if their power output is perfectly constant, rather than variable. Let’s say that is kind of average Power from one of your Training sessions.

TSS points are non-transferable. It means if you have 150 TSS of 160 TSS points that are needed for the current level and you finish an activity that has the value of 100 TSS points, only 10 will count.

What is IF?

IF Intensity Factor: The ratio of normalized power to the rider’s threshold power. IF = NP/FTP. And Power (W) is calculated as estimated power based on the user's heart rate.

Note: NP, IF and TSS are trademarks of Peaksware, LLC and are used with permission. Learn more at

How can I accomplish the task?

Tasks must be done on the current level. Doesn’t matter if you rode the route in the past.
Cumulative tasks are calculated on the day of the last activity.

Outdoor activities

Yes, all outdoor activities with power included are used for ROUVY Career. But remember, the outdoor activities have to contain the Power value. As you already know the power information is necessary for counting out your TSS and without TSS information we are not able to count your points.


Each level has pre-defined tasks that you can gradually complete to collect points. The order in which you complete the tasks is not relevant however you must complete them all before progressing to the next level. Some tasks include a time restriction- for example, ascend 15,000 ft, complete 5 Official ROUVY races, etc. within a certain time frame. Simply put, the further you proceed in your career, the more difficult the tasks will become. Enjoy new and exciting tasks each season!

For more information go to

Career Levels

Basically, you have to collect points and complete pre-defined tasks to reach a higher level of your ROUVY career. For more information go to websites, tap User->My career.

Everyone who creates the ROUVY account is a registered user and automatically begins their ROUVY career.
The Legends will be presented on the ROUVY websites in the Legends section. If you are the Legend already you can start from the beginning and double or at least triple up the Legends level.

How do we count the days in the ROUVY career?

Because we have users worldwide, in all time zones, starting at different times of the month, we decided to ask our customers to complete the task in any 7 or 30 consecutive days. For example, if you have a task in your career to ascend at least 13,123.36 feet during 7 days (one week or one month), you must choose some ascent route or workouts to complete in consecutive days and your task is done. But, if you cannot do this in 7 consecutive days, the first day will be deleted and the next day will be added to the previous 6 days. Your 7 days will “roll over” or “float” until you reach your goal in 7 consecutive days. The same concept is used for a 30-day task.

What will happen after the end of the season?

The next cycling career starts 1.1.2022 and there will be no more restarts.

What to do if my career level did not update?

If you reached a higher career level and your status is not updating try to log out from your account and log in back.

IMPORTANT NOTE: 20/21 Career must be completed via the ROUVY app because the “racing” functionality is not available on the ROUVY Workouts app anymore. All information you can find here.

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