First Ride

What to do before you start your first ride

  • Check the firmware of your trainer and sensors in the Utility app.
  • Calibrate them via the Utility app
  • Disconnect your trainer from the Utility app and connect it to the ROUVY app.
    Make sure your trainer is free to pair so you can connect your trainer without any issues.

image 6a.jpg

Sensors settings

  • Here you can see all your paired sensors. If you have a smart trainer, always make sure your trainer is connected as controllable.

! Your trainer has to be disconnected from other apps !

What to do next

  • Choose the route you want to ride
  • Think about the modes you want to ride in. You will find an article with the differences between time trial mode and training mode here on KB as well.
  • Click on the "Start" button.

🚴 Enjoy the routes from the whole world 🚴

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