Double Point Weekend season 20/21

Are you excited and looking forward to doubling weekends? During these specific weekends, your points in the Career Mode will be counted twice. Below are the dates for double weekends:


October 9-11
November 13-15 *
December 11-13
December 25-27
January 8-10
February 12-14
March 12-14
April 9-11
May 14-16
June 11-13
July 16-18
August 13-15
September 17-19
* Bonus for the upcoming Black Friday! Triple point weekend! Your earned points in this period will be tripled.

NB: The system hours for the Double Point weekends are Friday-Sunday 00.01 - 23:59 UTC time zone.

How Points Are Calculated

Both indoor and outdoor ride points are calculated based on an equation of TSS. On this special weekend, points are calculated by the “TSS x 2” formula. So, on a Double Points weekend, if your training TSS is 100, you'll receive an additional bonus with 200 career points instead of the usual 100 points.

Outdoor Ride

All outdoor activities must be done with a cycling power meter - just to ensure that we have your TSS information and this data is accurate, so we can count your points.

Indoor Rides

No changes here! Simply connect your trainer to the ROUVY app and pedal away.

Enjoy and have fun on our DOUBLE POINT WEEKENDS!

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