Heart Rate Zones

!ROUVY works with 7 HR zones. We would like to describe a little more in detail how it works!

Heart rate monitors are a great way to measure your effort during a workout. Heart rate zone training is a systematic way of leveraging these measurements to pace yourself, track your improvement, and get the most out of each workout. We'll help you find the right intensity levels by calculating your seven heart rate zones.

How does it work in ROUVY?

Heart rate is measured in beats per minute (BPM) and reflects how hard your body is working. To find your heart rate zones, we must first know your maximum heart rate (MHR). If you don't know your MHR, you can get an initial estimate with equation 208 - (0.7 x age). Based on the age in your profile, we'll crunch the numbers to establish your five training zones. Go to Settings if you need to enter your birthday. If you already know your MHR, you can enter it directly.

We used a method by BCF/ABCC/WCPP revised 7. HR Zones from max:

1. Recovery <60%

2. Fat burning 60% - 65%

3. Basic Endurance 65% - 75%

4. Aerobic Endurance 75% - 82%

5. Road Race 82% - 89%

6. Speed Training 89% - 94%

7. Anaerobic Sprint 94% - 100%

How to set up HR Zones?

  • Login to the ROUVY  websites.
  • Tap the "Settings button" and choose "Zones".


To be able to correctly and clearly analyze your training data is quite necessary to correctly set up your Heart Rate Zones. Please, pay attention to correctly set your maximum Heart Rate values in your profile settings (only on ROUVY web pages ), then you have the option to keep the default setting, which is adjusted according to the values of maximum Heart Rate.

Or you could manually adjust your Zones.

When your Training Zones are not correctly set up, the final Training statics shown do not correspond to reality.

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