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Let’s take a short tour through the Multi-ride mode in routes and workouts. This mode enables you to connect up to three more riders to the same computer to ride the virtual route together. To be able to use this functionality, you will need a corresponding unit trainer and, of course, enthusiastic cycling friends!

Multi-ride mode is available for the Rouvy Desktop version only.

Multiride in routes

First, select your favorite route. The application will lead you to a pre-training screen, where you’ll be able to connect with your friends.

The "Real Partner" option can be used only when switching off AR Beta mode.
Press the “Real Partner“ button


New “Saved User“(already logged in in the past) will appear. The “Saved User“ list will be empty for the first time. Then, check the right side of the dialog and let your friends log in via their Rouvy usernames. You could also edit the list of “Saved User“ and add new users or delete the list of saved users, etc.


You can also connect up to 3 riders for your shared training session. You could choose one display for all riders or you could connect multiple displays (monitors).


Please make sure that your cycling friends use the same bike setting as they use for their own rides and, then, connect the trainers and sensors.


ENJOY the Multi–rides feature!

Multiride in workouts

The process is mostly the same if you would like to set up your MR for your Workouts in the pre-training screen. The only difference is in the display settings.

Here are some examples:

  • 2 riders at the same time – you don’t have to solve something, one display is enough
  • 3 riders at the same time – you have to add one more display
  • 4 riders at the same time – you have to add 2 more displays (the best option is the combination of VGA and HDMI cables)

How does it look during the workout? See below:


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