Here is some information about how to begin and what is needed to know before you start. With a ROUVY, we bring you also a new UI!

Where are the Augmented Routes?




To enable new UI and Augmented reality you need to switch on the button on the screenshot below. After switching the button on, you will be able to see other riders and virtual partners on the Augmented route. If the button is off, you are able to ride the old UI without the other riders like before.


You can see how the new UI looks. You can see all the important information and you will also be able to choose what to display.


The new AR-mode will need a better PC configuration than the usual ROUVY, because of it, you can set up a Video Smoothing and Graphic quality:

  • Low - Low graphic details and very limited video smoothing (if enabled)
  • Normal - Normal graphic details and the standard video smoothing method (if enabled)
  • High - High graphic details and the advanced video smoothing method (if enabled)

Video smoothing - it will smooth the video at a low speed. There is a difference between the smoothing on Normal and High-quality. We recommend trying both modes.


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