Workouts/interval – Overview

You are allowed to create workouts only via ROUVY websites. How to create your own workout is described below. 

What workout types do we support?

You can choose from many types of workouts.

  • % FTP - workouts are based on the percentage of FTP. So, over time it is important to run an FTP test periodically. Recommended frequency for taking an FTP test is once per month. But of course, it is always up to you and your training goals.
  • Power - Workouts are based on power indicators. It means that any workout of this type is going to be exactly the same for any category of cyclists. The resistance level is not changing and applied exactly as set.
  • Power / Kg - workouts it is important to set your precise weight whenever your body weight has changed significantly over the last time. The level of resistance, in this case, will be adjusted correspondingly.
  • Slope - Workout is based on % Slope. Just keep in mind the maximum number of the slope gradient your trainer is able to support. You can find this information on the vendor's website or in the trainer's manual under the "maximum simulated hill incline". You can set any number for the hill incline simulation in our app but the actually applied resistance is not going to exceed the level which your trainer hardware is capable of supporting.
    Also, you can add segment titles, workout instructions, or synchronize the workout with famous training videos like SufferFest... Even more, you can share your workouts with all users or select from friends, etc.

Do we support video workouts?

Online streamed workouts: Premium workouts with video included (can be streamed online), CycleOps category, Rouvy route category (soon). The workout profile is synchronized with the video content and the final training will be even more fun and efficient.

Predefined workouts with own video file:

  • SufferFest (link) workouts, we recommend downloading the respective video and select it for the training. The workout profile is synchronized with the video content and the final training will be even more fun and efficient.
  • In other predefined workouts, you can choose your own video you like and it will not be synchronized with your workout (skipping in the workout will not affect the video content).


Click the button “Workouts” and you see the main Workouts screen, workout overview. You will get the same results in our Rouvy apps.

See below.


There are several possibilities to search for workouts using various search criteria. You could for example search by the workout name and so on.


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