ROUVY AR app overview

Did you know the ROUVY AR app has new features (running, option to choose bikes, drafting, group rides, multi-lap, etc.) This is great, right?!! 

Let's get started. Here is what the screen looks like from the start after logging in.


Here is how your screen looks after selecting cycling as the sport of your choice.


This is a start screen. From the start screen, you are just 1 click away from:

Starting a ride
Choosing a route
Training or Time trial
Connecting your sensors or trainer unit
Accessing main settings


You can see all the important information, and you will also be able to choose what to display (nearby list, altitude, %FTP or W/Kg), the ball is in your hand. Let’s go and have some fun.


Avatars now have the option to be modified, with the possibility of changing their jersey, apparel color, and skin color. Both male and female 3D models were improved.


When you click on the "Edit Model" button in cycling, you can also change bikes from TT bike to Road bike. See the picture below:


This is the new route gallery view, all interactive.


This is how the screen looks after you finish the activity.


Hurry up! Download your ROUVY AR app and enjoy it.


The ROUVY AR app for Mac is available on the ROUVY website in the download section.

The ROUVY AR app for Apple TV and iOS can be downloaded on Appstore.

The ROUVY AR app for Android can be downloaded on GooglePlay.

The ROUVY AR app for Windows is available on the ROUVY website in the download section.

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