ROUVY app overview

Did you know the ROUVY app has many features (running, option to choose bikes, drafting, group rides, multi-lap, etc.)? Here is the overview and a short description of what to do before your first ride.

This is a start screen. From the start screen, you are just one click away from: 


You can see all the important information, and you will also be able to choose what to display (nearby list, altitude, %FTP, or W/Kg).


You can modify avatars with the possibility of changing their jersey, apparel color, and skin color. Both male and female models have a realistic 3D style.

When you click on the gear icon and the "Appearance Settings" button, you can also change bikes from TT bike to Road bike. See the picture below:





This is the route gallery view, all interactive.


This is how the screen looks after you finish the activity.


Hurry up! Download your ROUVY app and enjoy it.


You can download the ROUVY app for Apple TV and iOS on the App store.
You can download the ROUVY app for Android on Google Play.
Click here to download the ROUVY app for Windows and Mac. (you have to log in)

What to do before you start your first ride

  • Make sure that your trainer or sensors are up to date. We recommend doing firmware updates and calibration in the official app from the manufacturer.
  • Make sure that your trainer or sensors are not connected to Bluetooth devices elsewhere when connecting it to the ROUVY app. The trainer has to be free to pair with the app only.

Sensors settings

  • Here you can see a successful paired trainer/ sensors. If you have a smart trainer, always make sure your trainer is connected as controllable so that you can feel the gradient changes.



What to do next

  • Choose the route you want to ride.
  • Select the mode you wish to ride in. Remember, You should do challenges in Time trial mode.
  • We strongly recommend that you download the route video before a ROUVY organized race or if it's a big event. If you have a good Wi-Fi connection, it may be sufficient just to stream the video for normal rides. One has the option.
  • Click on the "Start" button, and you will either start a ride or enter the race you registered for already.

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