How to create my own route?

Route Editor is a tool for creating, uploading, editing, and sharing your routes with other users.

You can download it here:

Then open the editor and log in.

  • Click "File"

  • "New Route"

  • "Manually Create Route"


  • Find your location on the map and using right-click insert the first point of your route. Now you need to choose the ending point of your route by another right-click on the map.
  • Now you have one middle point and grabbing it and moving on the map you will start creating your route. With each point located you will see another point which you can locate on the place, you need to create the whole route.
  • After you have done you have to write Route Name and you can save Route.


  • Your Route is saved and you should find it here.
  • C:\Users\user\Documents\VirtualTraining\Routes. Now you will see your route in tab ROUTES where you can do test rides or edit them or upload them to the internet.

More in YouTube tutorials:

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