How to create/join a Group Ride on ROUVY?

The ability to organize Group Rides is now available for any ROUVY user.

How to create a Group Ride:

1. Login to - explore - group ride

2. Click the “+Create group ride” button (you can also find other group rides on this page, join them here and find them in the app in "My events").

3. Fill in the mandatory fields (GR name, Date/Time, Smart trainers only, Password, Leader, Route name, Participants, Friends)

4. Click on the “Create group ride“ button at the end

5. Find the link to your group ride event to share with your friends or the ROUVY community

6. You can also click on the route name. It will redirect you to the route details. You can add the route to your favorites and find it in the app in the favorites folder


How to join a Group Ride from the app:

1. Switch from “route” to “event” at the bottom right

2. Switch to the “upcoming” events, type “group” or “group ride” in the search field, or search the events on your own (There is always written "Group Ride")

3. Download the needed route here

4. Click on the “Register” button to finish the registration

5. This button will forward you to the creation of the races! not group rides


How to join a Group Ride in the Events section:

  • Go to the “Events” section on
  • Scroll down
  • Click on "Show advanced filters"
  • In the all types section choose group rides.
  • Click on search

You can add other criteria, it is up to you.







The rest of the process is the same as for the race day. 

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