ROUVY WORKOUTS - Ant+ Connection

If you have the sensors or the trainer working with the Ant+ technology here are some information.


Just plug in the ant+ dongle and let it happen. the drivers should be installed automatically. in the desktop app, you can connect at least 8 sensors/trainers via ant+.

iPhone, iPad

Your device doesn´t have the Ant+ functionality. You have to buy the Ant+ dongle, then you can connect 8 or more sensors/trainers.

You don’t need to install anything, just plug it in.



With the Ant+ you can connect more than 8 sensors/trainers.

Some of the Android phones or tablets do have the Ant+ in the base. If you don’t know, you can check it here -

If you have the Ant+ key, you need to download the „Drivers“ for your device but don’t be afraid, our application will help you and in the app, you will see the links to download the right applications for your Ant+.

Do you have trouble with the Ant+? Here are some fast tips:

  • Take out and put back the dongle.

  • Restart your device.

  • Remove obstacles.

  • Update sensor software.

  • Check sensor batteries.

  • If you are using the USB HUB, try to plug it right into your Pc/laptop.

  • Note – Garmin Ant+ key II. Generation is not working with our application.

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