Trainer and Sensors FAQ

1. Q: Why can I not feel the resistance?

A: Make sure you have a trainer which supports a resistance feature. Here you can find the article Supported Trainers.

A smart trainer is a tool you mount your bike on that offers resistance like a normal trainer, but with the added benefit of allowing the resistance to be controlled by cycling apps.

A: Make sure that the trainer is connected as controllable in the sensor's settings. If the trainer is not connected under CONTROLLABLE, the Rouvy application only reads power, so it does not control the resistance.


A: Calibrate your trainer in the official app (Utility app) from the manufacturer. You can not calibrate Tacx Neo and Tacx Neo 2T Smart.


2. Q: Can I connect with a Smart Trainer which is not on the list of Supported Trainers?

A: If your trainer is not on the list of Supported Smart Trainers but is equipped with standard ANT+ FE-C protocol, it should work.


3. Q: Can I use ROUVY without a Smart Trainer?

A: ROURVY supports Classic and Turbo Trainers too. You need to have a Speed Sensor to be able to connect to ROUVY. The Cadence Sensor alone is not enough. You can find instructions on Connecting Classic and Turbo trainer


4. Q: Why can I not see my Trainer or Sensor?

A: AppleTV can connect four possible sensors. One of them is a remote control, the other one must remain free for scanning, and there are two places for sensors.
A: Your trainer is probably connected to another device (phone, tablet, PC) or application.
A: Make sure you disconnect your trainer/sensors from another application before you start the ROUVY application. If your trainer/ sensors are connected via Bluetooth to another application, the ROUVY will not recognize it and will not be connected.


A: You did not activate your Trainer or Sensor. Trainer or Sensor are activated when you start pedaling.
A: In the case of Heart Rate Monitors, you need to wet the Sensor pads sometimes.
A: Your Trainer or Sensor has old firmware. To obtain the best possible experience with ROUVY is necessary to update the firmware of your trainer to the newest version available. You can check whether the firmware is up to date on the manufacturer's website or the relevant Utility application:










5. Q: The data on the cycling computer is not the same as in the ROUVY App. Why?

A: This is because the cycling computer is displaying data directly from the trainer without any correction.


6. Q: Does ROUVY display what gear I'm using on Wattbike?

A: Unfortunately, ROUVY doesn't display gears during a ride at the moment.


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