Trainers/Sensors FAQ

Why can I not feel the resistance?

Make sure you have a smart trainer, and it is supported.

Make sure you are connected under controllable in the sensor's settings.


Can I connect with a smart trainer, which is not on the list of supported trainers?

Any other brands of trainers that have ANT+ FEC are supported.

You can try to connect any smart trainer that supports the BLE specification Fitness Machine Service, but we cannot guarantee that it will work.


Why can I not see my trainer/sensors?

You are probably connected elsewhere.

Your trainer/sensor has old firmware.

Your trainer/sensor has a low battery.

You did not activate your trainer/sensor.

In the case of heart rate monitors, you need to wet the sensor pads sometimes.

If you are using Apple TV, you can only use two connections. For example, speed or heart rate, or cadence. A common connection would be speed and heart rate.

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