Troubleshooting - Black Screen

You started the route, and you have the black screen instead of the video?

First of all, try to pedal for few seconds. The video may need a longer time to upload. If the video is not uploaded after few seconds, follow the steps below.

There is probably an issue with:

  1. Corrupted video. (Bad download)
  2. K-Lite video codec.
  3. Unity and it is affecting versions 1.2.3 and above. Mostly AMD graphic cards.

Here is a problem and a solution you may try:

  1. The black screen is on the downloaded route, but streaming is without the black screen - downloading failed, corrupted video - try streaming, download the route again, try a different video quality.
  2. The black screen is on the downloaded route, and streaming has it too - try a different video quality, uninstall and install the K-Lite codec again.
  3. The black screen is on every route. Nothing helped - go to the Device Manager. If you have 2 Display Adapters, try to disable one of them. Probably AMD Radeon. Try the 1.2.2 version. Here is a Changelog.

If it does not help, please, send us:

  1. system info
  2. device info

If you are stuck, feel free to contact us.

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