Troubleshooting - Black Screen


Black Screen issue

Try to pedal for a few seconds. The video may need a longer time to upload. If the issue persists, please check the information below.



1. Q: The black screen is on the downloaded route, but streaming is without the Black Screen.

A: Downloading failed, corrupted video - try streaming, download the route again, try a different video quality, and check if your device memory is not full.


2. Q: The Black Screen is on the downloaded route, and also while streaming.

A: Try a different video quality, in the case of a Windows device, please try to reinstall the K-Lite codec. Here is the link for the K-Lite codec: Codec Guide.


3. Q: The Black Screen is on every ROUTE. Nothing helped.

A: In the case of a Windows device, please go to the DEVICE MANAGER.

  1. If you have two graphic cards, try to disable one of them.
  2. If one of them is AMD Radeon, then please disable it.

For more info please see the link: How to find graphics card information on a Windows 10 PC.


Still not settled?

Please check if your device meets ROUVY System Requirements.


For more help please feel free to contact us.

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