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How can I cancel the subscription?

Go to and log in under your credentials. Click on the gear icon and then on the subscription. Click on the "manage subscription" button. Click on your present subscription, and you will find "cancel subscription" there. Your subscription expires at the end of the term.
Confirm in the next step.


Why can I not apply a voucher code?

Your subscription is still active.

You activated the Voucher code before, and it is still active. It is not possible to use two Voucher codes together.


Why can I not apply a discount code?

You are a member of a lifetime price guarantee.


Why can I not use family sharing?

Maybe it is because you are a new user and still in the ROUVY trial period. Or you activated the Voucher code.

Each family member must have his/her own ROUVY account. The Master (the person who is buying/paying subscription) must add 2 family members with their ROUVY username under family sharing.

Full counts of devices.


How can I manage ROUVY Family Sharing?

Go to and log in under your credentials. Click on the gear icon and then on the subscription. Click on the “Manage family sharing” button. Add/remove the ROUVY username of your Family member.


When and how is the trial period activated?

ROUVY Trial period is activated once you upload the first (at least) 5 minutes long ride or register subscription plan.


What will happen when my Trial is over? Will I lose my data?

After the expiration date of your trial, remember that your ROUVY account stays active and keeps all settings and information.


What will happen when I purchase the subscription before my Free Trial expires?

It is no problem. You will be charged when the Trial period expires.


Can I purchase a Google subscription?

It is no longer possible to purchase a new GooglePlay subscription.


Why my iTunes subscription started immediately and not after the free trial?

The iTunes subscription is not linked with the Rouvy Free Trial period. When you purchased the iTunes subscription, it is active immediately.


What does mean this message: "The number of devices has exceeded the maximum. Manage your subscription and delete at least one device."

It means you exceeded the number of maximum allowed devices.

You can register only 5 devices, that's the maximum limit.

Manage it at - gear icon - subscription - manage devices.

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