Troubleshooting - ANT+ and Bluetooth

We support only built-in Bluetooth 4.0+ and ANT+ USB 2.0.

Can not connect a trainer, sensor, or bike, or the values are dropping to zero or spiking?

This means something is transmitting on or interfering with your trainer or sensors.

  1. Make sure your devices are supported and check device compatibility at Supported Trainers and
    How to connect section.
  2. First of all, make sure your trainer is not connected to another App or device in the background (PC, tablet, phone, etc). It can be connected only to ROUVY app on one device at a time.
  3. Restart ROUVY and try pairing again.

If issues persist, please check the following tips:

  1. Make sure that Bluetooth is turned ON on your device.
  2. We strongly recommend keeping your ANT+ dongle and sensors less than one meter apart.
  3. Any object that obscures the line of sight from your computer or phone to your sensor can cause signal loss.
  4. Check that your ANT+ dongle is plugged correctly.
  5. If your sensor has a battery, try to swap it to a new one.
  6. Make sure that no barriers (objects) are between the trainer/sensor and your PC, phone, etc.



1. Q: What can cause interference?

A: Wireless speakers, fans, microwaves ovens, headphones, external monitors, LCD displays, unshielded cables, wireless video transmitters, Wi-Fi router, power sources, baby monitors, etc.

  1. Restart your device
  2. Update the ANT+ drivers
  3. Unplug your trainer for a couple of minutes
  4. Restart ROUVY and try pairing again


2. Q: How can battery life affect the signal?




3. Q: How do I troubleshoot Bluetooth problems? 

A: You can connect to multiple Bluetooth devices simultaneously, with seven being the recommended maximum.

  1. Reset your Bluetooth device daily
  2. Update your phone's firmware
  3. Update the firmware on your device (trainer, sensor)
  4. Restart ROUVY and try pairing again


4. Q: Why is Bluetooth not finding devices?

A: For Android phones:

  1. Go to SETTINGS
  2. System menu
  3. Advanced
  4. Reset Options
  5. Reset Wi-fi, mobile & Bluetooth.

For iOS and iPad devices, you'll have to unpair all of your devices:

  1. Go to SETTINGS
  2. Bluetooth
  3. Select the info icon and choose Forget This Device for each device
  4. Then restart your phone or tablet


5. Q: How do I fix my Bluetooth pairing problem?

A: If your Bluetooth devices won't connect, it's likely because the devices are out of range or aren't in pairing mode. If you're having persistent Bluetooth connection problems, try resetting your devices, or having your phone or tablet "forget" the connection.


6. Q: Are all ANT+ dongles the same?

A: When you go to purchase your ANT+ dongle, you might have a choice between USB 1.0 and USB 2.0. ROUVY supports only USB 2.0


7. Q: How do I enable ANT+ on my PC?

A: Plug the ANT+ USB Stick into your computer or device.

PC: Let Windows find and install the ANT+ drivers. In most cases, this occurs automatically. If a dialogue or notification pops up asking if you'd like to install the drivers, accept.

MAC: MacBooks come with the ANT+ drivers already installed.


8. Q: Do computers have ANT+?

A: What's more, ANT+ isn't available natively on many computers, laptops, and other devices, so you need an external receiver. One other reason you might need an ANT+ dongle is that some sensors made by Garmin only communicate in that protocol and don't use Bluetooth at all.


For more help, please feel free to contact us.

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