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What is the predefined route?

It is a specific route needed for the career level. You find the name of the route at Click on your name and cycling career.


Why was not my ride credited in the challenge or career?

You rode it in the training mode, or it was banned.

Also, check the date and time when you rode the route which is needed for the challenge.


Why was not the race credited in the career?

You have to ride Official ROUVY races. Go to - explore - races. There is a filter for official races.


Why can I not join the race despite the fact I have supported a smart trainer?

You are not connected under controllable.


How can I find which route is not completed in the challenge?

Go to my.rouvy - explore - challenges. Click on the challenge you want. Click on the "Routes" folder.

The rectangles correspond to the order of the routes. If the route is completed, the rectangle is blue.


I can not see other participants in the race. Why?

To participate in the race, you must have a current version of the app.

If you do not have a current version, you will see only yourself, and it will not count as a race.

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