Troubleshooting - Running - No sensors or connection

You can not see your sensors on the list, or you can not connect? There could be more reasons.


  • The batteries
  • Calibration & Firmware update
  • Connected in other apps or devices
  • Sensors are not activated
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Installation of sensor
  • If nothing helps


  • If you do not see any blinking light, only red light, change the batteries.
  • Keep your firmware up to date and calibrate a sensor (in the official app from the manufacturer).
  • Disconnect the sensor manually from the other apps.
  • Most of the sensors need to be activated to be visible in the scan.
  • Try to wet the sensor pads.
  • When mounting the sensors, please follow the manufacturer's instructions, even when connecting. For example, the sensors must always be at the narrowest end - down or up, and must not be turned in any way.
  • Disconnect from the power supply and reconnect to the power supply, or remove the batteries and re-insert.

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