How to begin using the ROUVY app

Once you are signed up and you have an indoor bike or a smart trainer, also you have downloaded the ROUVY app. You are ready to start this highly addictive experience - in a good way of course!

Click on the downloaded app (double click on Mac and Windows devices). It should start immediately.

You will see the login screen. Log in using your email address and password which you registered with when you were signing up. These same details will also be used when logging in from, and in the app.

Your main screen will resemble the image below.


Left top corner - connect sensors - this is where you connect your trainer and sensors

Middle top - here you can see:

  • your profile photo
  • your username
  • your current career level
  • the gear icon (your user profile - weight, height, FTP and model setup - gender, color, skin, bike, jersey)

Right top corner - subscription and in-app menu - here you can find:

  • Sensors - same as top left corner connection

Here is how your screen will look like after clicking  Setting button.


  • Settings - in-ride settings - power unit - if you want to see W/kg or FTP, auto pause, camera distance, graphics quality, video streaming quality, drafting savings, UI scale, enable sounds, warm-up, cool down, show nearby list, detail altitude chart, split information, set the reality level (you can change it only in training mode), allow a panoramic view and set language (Spanish, Czech, German, Italian, French)
  • Video - downloaded routes
  • Last activities - if some uploads are still in progress
  • About - here you can find info about the version you are using and about the updates
  • Log out - if you want to change a user
  • Exit - exit the app to close the app

Back to the dashboard, the are four tiles in the middle. Below  the image there is an explanation of each feature in the middle.


Middle - 4 tiles

  • 1. Top left - here you can see info about the current route: You can change the route by clicking on the Change button to see various themed folders and filters. It is advisable to find the route first on the website where you can properly explore virtual routes by using a detailed search. Then proceed to the app, download your chosen video once back in the app (720px is adequate), or just stream it if you have a good Wi-Fi connection.
  • 2. Top right - here you can join challenges, find a description of the challenge, and see how many riders have registered.
  • 3. Bottom left - here you can see how many riders are on the route, watch them, or set up virtual partners.
  • 4. Bottom right - here you can find routes recommended for challenges, and for the career.

Between the top and bottom tiles you will find Training and Time Trial button. There you can choose the mode you want to use in your session. 

NB* We highly recommend Time trial mode, if you want to appear on Route records, or get credit for career  and challenges. You are required  to complete all your challenges in race or Time Trial mode


Bottom left corner - You can switch between cycling and running

Middle bottom - Start the activity for riding a Route

Bottom right corner - Select either Workouts, Routes or Events (races, group rides, and multi-lap). After selecting the Event tab you can go into:

  • Current Events which are ongoing events or events that start within one hour.
  • Under My Events, you will find the events where you are registered.
  • Under Upcoming events, you can find all the events happening in a few days time.

The events with a yellow crown icon are the official races needed for the career tasks.

Choose your route, click on the Start button and enjoy the ROUVY!

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