Functional Threshold Power (FTP) is a cycling metric that represents the highest average power a rider can sustain for an period of time, measured in watts.
It is determined by taking 95% of the average power output over a 20-minute effort.

Maintaining an accurate and current FTP is essential for optimal training, making it possible to exercise at the correct intensities. 
This metric also helps ROUVY tailor the training experience specifically to you. 

To determine your FTP level, chose one of our four FTP tests available in the ROUVY App:

All the tests are available in the ROUVY app by clicking on the Workout section in the left-hand menu, and then choosing the FTP tab:

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Ramp Test

The Ramp Test is a graded exercise test, meaning that it gradually increases the difficulty, while your goal is to ride as close to the target power for as long as you can.

  • The test adds 20 watts of power every minute to correctly determine your training zones.
  • The whole test is around 40 minutes long and includes the warmup, the testing phase, and the cooldown. Warmup and cooldown can be skipped.
  • You can chose the route for your test by clicking on the right-hand side button "Change route". Start the test by clicking on the "Start" button.

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  • The test automatically stops when you cannot maintain your FTP anymore.
  • You can skip the warmup and cooldown using the button on the right, however, it is not possible to skip any part of the test - the buttons will be greyed out.
  • Follow the prompts you can see on top of your screen - they will lead you through the test successfully.

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After the Ramp Test is done, you see the summary of your workout, including your new FTP metric, and you can automatically update it in your profile.



Ramp Test Lite

The Ramp Test Lite is a version of a Ramp test described above, but created for riders below 70kg.

It has the same duration of around 40 minutes (excluding the optional warmup or/and cooldown), and you can chose the route for your ride.


5/ 10 min FTP Tests

With these tests you need to manually enter your target FTP. We add 5% to your entered value and that becomes your target power.

After the warmup, you'll need to keep as close as possible to your target FTP for the duration of the test.

The power value represents a power output you should be able to sustain for 1 hour even though the test itself only lasts 20 minutes.

If you are not sure, you can start with 200W.
If this is too hard, or to easy, after you rest, restart the test and adjust the value accordingly.

Or you can calculate your FTP using this formula.

Screenshot 2024-03-12 at 11.40.40.png

  • Don't forget that you can choose the route for your test:

5 min change route.png

  • During the test try to maintain your target FTP during the testing phase, you can follow the test profile on the bottom of the screen:

5 min test screen.png

  • You can always increase, reset, or decrease resistance using the buttons on your right:

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  • After the test is done, you will see your new FTP metric.

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General FTP Calculation

If you've never taken an FTP test, you can do a rough calculation using the following metrics:

  • Think about your physical performance on a scale from 1 (elite performance) to 5 (not trained),
  • Take the measurement of the performance for your level and sex from this table:


  • Multiply it by 80. That would be your roughly estimated FTP.

For example: I'm a man and my weight is 80kg (176 lbs), I'd say my performance is 3.
I take a medial of 2,80 (from the table) * 80 = 224.
It means I will enter the FTP target as 224W.


For more help, please feel free to contact us.

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