Troubleshooting - Windows

In ROUVY Desktop is critical to ensure that the App has full access to the working folder.

The working folder is unique for each Windows user ->Documents\ROUVY.

Please be sure that you (as a Windows user) have access to this folder. If you see an error like the screenshot below, then the ROUVY doesn't have an access to the Documents\ROUVY folder.


Windows Controlled Folder Access

Windows 10 has a feature called "Windows Controlled Folder Access" - this may block access to the Documents folder, too. E.g. see

Some apps, like OneDrive, set this feature automatically upon install. Check the OneDrive settings.

Also, some antiviruses (e.g. Bitdefender) may block access to the Documents folder - Go to your Antivirus Settings and allow the ROUVY app (mark as trusted).

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