Bikes - Time Trial and Road bike


You can select in the app what bike you would prefer to ride

One can choose to ride a Time Trial bike or a Road bike.


Time Trial Bike

The TT bike is fast on the flat routes and slower in the hills. Also, the TT bike is heavier.  TT records marked as TT. 

Road Bike 

A Road bike is slower on the flat routes and easier to ride uphill. If you want to change from Road bike to TT bike you just need to go to user settings > click edit model and you can select the TT bike and you are ready to ride.


If the user enters the race with enabled DRAFTING and he has a TT bike selected, the bike type will be changed automatically into a ROAD BIKE just for the race (temporarily).


NB: Calibrate and update your trainer using the manufacturer’s application if it requires it.

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