Log files and how to enable debug

We understand crashing, freezing, dropping, etc. can be frustrating.
But we will do everything we can.
To help you, we may ask you to send us the crash logs.

Find an app directory:

  • Mac: To locate your Mac log files, go here: ~/Library/Application Support/VirtualTraining/Rouvy AR or ~/Library/Application Support/eu.virtualtraining.rouvy.mac
  • PC: To locate your PC log files, go here: %userprofile%\AppData\LocalLow\VirtualTraining\Rouvy AR\
  • iOS: To locate your iOS log files, go here: /var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/<guid>/Documents
  • Android: To locate your Android log files, go here: /[internal_or_external_storage]/Android/data/eu.virtualtraining.rouvy.android/files

Create NLog.xml and rouvy.ini (Write to us and we will send these files).

Upload NLog.xml and rouvy.ini to the persistent directory.

Run the app, check that file rouvy.log is created, is not empty, and contains debug information.

Download the rouvy.log and player.log files from the persistent directory, and send them to us.

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