Rouvy first started with the original Workouts app which had routes and workouts. Since the early days, the app has added AR routes which required a new app system for the augmented reality to function better. This is the reason we now have two apps. As Rouvy evolves, this will change as we update the app and in doing so bring you more functionality and features as well as more realism through the newer AR app. The Workouts app did not allow for this progression to heightened realism.




It is all about Augmented Reality and realism in many forms. You won’t find workouts here yet, but watch this space! 

In the newer AR App, you can compete against others in races, and sometimes pros will join in these special events. You can also choose to participate in the career to aim for Legend status. One can take part in or set up a group ride with friends where one can be social and non-competitive. 

The AR app is about making the ride as real as possible by means of the following features which are continually evolving and improving:

The above was not possible with the old Workouts app. It is for this reason that we created a new app called ROUVY AR. If you enjoy workouts, you will be able to choose your favorite workouts in the ROUVY AR app soon. 



ROUVY AR app is available for macOS, Apple TV, iOS, Windows, or Android devices.



It is mainly about Workouts.


This  was the very first ROUVY app 

In it you can still do the following: 


Choose a TrainingPeaks Workout of the day.

Share your screen with your friend.


Try ROUVY without a subscription after the free trial expires.

Do an FTP test.

You cannot participate in races here. It means you cannot take part in the cycling career here either.

You can still ride non-AR routes and AR routes.

ROUVY Workouts app is available for iPad, iPhone, Windows, or Android devices.

You can do here TrainingPeaks Workout of the day.



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