Upgrade your experience with the ROUVY

While you only need a few things to start, there are some additional items that will greatly improve your indoor riding experience:


  • A fan: indoors one sweats more and this will prevent dehydration along with enough fluid intake
  • A table/tray: you will need a place for towels, food/drink, phone, laptop, and more.
  • A larger screen: try to get a screen that lets you see the ROUVY details enlarged and clearly (Apple TV).
  • Headphones or earbuds - it's a nice feeling when you isolate the surrounding noise, and listening to upbeat music or even relaxing tunes can enhance the riding experience. A heart rate monitor
  • A smart trainer - Faster connection, resistance on the gradient changes, and a real road feeling provides a better experience than a classic trainer.
  • Sweat towels

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