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ROUVY: Download the ROUTE before the ride

We always recommend downloading the video of the course before the ride, because this will solve several issues such as connection dropouts, App crashes, etc.

To DOWNLOAD VIDEO, your device will need a reliable Internet connection. Please make sure you check your Internet connection, (the real speed of your Internet connection at the time and place where you train may be substantially lower). Slower Internet speeds or an unstable home Wi-Fi signal will negatively impact video download speeds and success.

Also, make sure that you turn off Firewall or Antivirus because it may block you from downloading ROUVY videos. Also, do not forget to check if you have enough space or storage on your device.

You can find DOWNLOAD VIDEO button at the bottom of the top left tile:



Tips for a smooth download

The speed of the download will ultimately depend on your Internet connection speed. However, there are a couple of tips you can try to ensure your files download successfully:

  • When downloading a file, do not navigate away by switching to another app while the file is downloading.
  • Ensure there is more than enough free space on your device for the video file. Do not store many routes. Delete them if it is not necessary to have them.
  • If your downloads are taking too long, try to download them in lower quality.
  • Reduce traffic on your network (YouTube, Netflix).


Where to find downloaded video

When you open the App, at the top right corner click the SETTING button.  When you are in the SETTINGS, you will see the video icon.  Please click the video icon and you will be able to see all the downloaded videos. You can select any of the downloaded ROUTES or you can delete any ROUTE if you are running out of storage. 



You can find the file for downloaded routes here:

Windows: C:\Users\"username"\AppData\LocalLow\VirtualTraining\Rouvy AR\data\videos

Mac: /Users/'Macusername'/Library/ApplicationSupport/eu.virtualtraining.rouvy.mac/data/videos


For more help, please feel free to contact us.

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