Redeem codes

Have you received a REDEEM CODE? We will show you how to apply it and let the fun with ROUVY begin.



Voucher code

The Voucher code is a unique combination of numbers and letters and has 8-12 characters.

To apply the Voucher code go to the:

  1. ROUVY website
  2. LOGIN > (or create a ROUVY account if you don't have one yet)
  3. Go to the SUBSCRIPTION section


  1. Click on the REDEEM button
  2. Insert the CODE
  4. Apply code
  5. Show my subscription


What is important to know?

  • Once you enter the code, your Voucher Trial period is active, and your days are counting.
  • You can only apply one Voucher code. It is not possible to activate two or more Vouchers together.
  • If your Voucher code was not successfully activated, it could be that it's a Discount code.
  • If you have an active subscription plan, you cannot apply the Voucher code. In this case, contact ROUVY support at We will find a solution for you.
  • Voucher codes cannot be purchased. You can get it with a new trainer or win it in an official ROUVY competition.


Did you know that in ROUVY, you can now use a GIFT CARD? That's great news, right? We will help you step by step to purchase or activate your GIFT CARD.

1. Visit our ROUVY E-shop
2. Select the GIFT CARD of your choice and proceed to checkout
3. Create your account and finish the payment



The GIFT CARD is redeemable for one year, and a card can be purchased just one at a time. The GIFT CARD cannot be redeemed for cash, and will not be replaced if lost. The Gift card is delivered to your inbox via confirmation email. In your email, you will receive a printable GIFT CARD in a PDF file with a unique code with instructions on how to apply and activate it.

To activate your GIFT CARD code, follow these steps

1. Go to the ROUVY website at

3. Go to the SUBSCRIPTION section

4. Click on the REDEEM and insert the code


6. Apply code

7. Show my subscription



If the activation was successful, you could check it in your user profile.


A GIFT CARD subscription has the same features as a regular ROUVY subscription. When the GIFT CARD subscription is active, you can manage devices and use Family sharing.


NB* Please do not mistake your GIFT CARD code for a DISCOUNT CODE. If your code was not successfully activated, it could be that it's a DISCOUNT CODE, so try to activate it as a DISCOUNT CODE.

If you have an active Trial period or a subscription plan, please do not activate the GIFT CARD. In this case, contact us at, and we will provide you with instructions.  

For more help, please feel free to contact us.

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