As a ROUVY user, if you wish to change or edit any of the information on your ACCOUNT. There are different ways to do that. ROUVY SETTINGS are divided into two categories. We have WEB SETTINGS and  APP SETTINGS. SETTINGS help you to get orientation on where to manage what you want.


Web Settings

Route to find:

  1. Head to
  2. LOGIN
  3. Click on your PROFILE (right top corner)
  4. Select MY ACCOUNT
  5. There you can manage PROFILE SETTINGS or ACCOUNT SETTINGS

There you can manage the following:


There are a few specific metrics in the SETTINGS that we'll go over a little more.

  1. If you want to change your E-MAIL address, contact us at You can not change it on your own.
  2. DEACTIVATE ACCOUNT. After the deactivation of the USER ACCOUNT, you will not be able to use your USER PROFILE in ROUVY, PowerTap, or any other partner applications. Your ROUVY subscription will be canceled automatically. The subscription of Android or Apple purchased via Google Play, or iTunes apps must be canceled manually in your Google Play or iTunes account.
  3. PHONE. The country flag means the Phone Country Code (ie USA +1), then you fill in the rest of the phone number. The phone number primarily helps in contacting the Customer Care department. It speeds up the tracing of your USER PROFILE and allows us to identify customers who contact us over time, the incoming phone line, or WhatsApp.
    Private: Your profile will be hidden from all leaderboards. ROUVY never displays personal info like date of birth, biometrics, telephone number or email to other users.
    Public: Your profile will be visible on leaderboards. ROUVY still won´t display your personal info like date of birth, biometrics, telephone number or email to other users


App Settings

There are two setting options: APPEARANCE SETTINGS and ROUTE SETTINGS. Let´s check the details.


Appearance Settings

Route to find:

  1. Open the App
  2. Click your USERNAME
  3. Select the green button APPEARANCE SETTINGS

It is possible to manage:

AVATAR - Customize your Avatar and change the JERSEY, GENDER, and SKIN COLOR.

BIKE - Choose a ROAD BIKE or TIME TRIAL bike.


Route Settings

Route to find:

  1. Open the ROUVY App
  2. Click the MENU (right top corner)
  3. Choose SETTINGS

There you can change:


POWER UNIT - Change units to Watt/Kg or FTP.

AUTO PAUSE - If you don't move (not pedaling) for 5s or more, the ride automatically pauses. When you pedal again, the ride continues. It is possible only in Just Ride mode.

CAMERA DISTANCE - Change the distance of the camera view for your avatar.

  1. ME - Avatar is hidden
  2. NEAR - Avatar is nearby the camera
  3. FAR - Avatar is far from the camera

GRAPHIC QUALITY - Affects the quality level of the graphical display of UI scale objects. Also, it depends on your HW - users with poor HW should choose a lower-quality display.

VIDEO STREAMING QUALITY - It denotes what resolution the video is downloaded in. It is affected by your internet connection (speed). If you have a strong and fast internet connection, you can stream in high quality. If not, lower streaming quality will work better for you. Another option is to download a route.

ALTITUDE CHART - Hide or show the Altitude chart during the ride.

SPLIT INFORMATION - Hide or show Splits during the ride.

ENABLE SOUNDS - Switch on/ off sounds. Sound is available at the race finish only.

LANGUAGE - Available languages are English, Spanish, Czech, German, Italian, and French.

PREDEFINED RIDE MODE - Select the default mode (JUST RIDE or TIME TRIAL) in the SETTINGS. Never ride in the wrong mode again.

SAVE WARMUP AND COOLDOWN - For the TIME TRIAL mode, it is possible to ENABLE or DISABLE the inclusion of WARMUP before the ride or COOLDOWN after the ride in the performance statistics.


You can change the options above options also during the ride.


Hot tip: Full screen to a Window

We have a tip for you on how to reduce the ROUVY Application (Desktop version) from FULL-SCREEN mode to just a WINDOW. Press ALT + ENTER and the magic happens.


For more help, please feel free to contact us.

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