1. Q: Is there a complete list of ACHIEVEMENTS?

A: No, there is no list. The future ACHIEVEMENTS are a surprise.


2. Q: What does "each" mean?

A: You will find the section for ACHIEVEMENTS on the website soon. It will contain the description of “each” ACHIEVEMENTS there.


3. Q: How are the ACHIEVEMENTS counted?

A: Every ACHIEVEMENTS has its value that you have to gain by fulfilling the ACTIVITY.


4. Q:  When did the count start?

A: It all started with the App update to 2.5.0 on the 20th of April 2022.


5. Q: Can it be turned off?

A: No, you can not turn it off. We think it is nice to see that you completed some milestones.


6. Q: Where can I find out what qualifies as an ACHIEVEMENT? Only during the ride?

A: Yes, only during the ride, for now. There will be an ACHIEVEMENT section on the website soon.


7. Q: Will I get extra COINS?

A: Yes, each ACHIEVEMENT has extra COINS.


8. Q: Where can I find my ACHIEVEMENTS?

A: You can find them in the App or on our website.




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