Outdoor activities

ROUVY uniquely combines outdoor and indoor activities in the new Career feature.
You can now import your ‘outdoor’ activities from GARMIN CONNECT, to count them for your Career’s progression.
We help you get ready for your outdoor experience and support you in riding outside because nothing is better than sunny weather and fresh air.
And that's why we are implementing this. We want you to be rewarded for your outdoor efforts too.


What do you get for uploading your outdoor activity?

  • collect coins
  • unlock new levels and reward yourself
  • all your activities in one place in My activities
  • outdoor achievements

Frequently asked questions

Can I upload it manually to the training diary?

  • If you upload outdoor activity manually, you will not get any Career Coins. The only way is to set up the automatic connection.

What equipment and software do you need?

  • ROUVY and Garmin device (for now - it will be possible to upload rides via Strava app in the future)
  • You need just a device that will send activity to Garmin.

How to start getting coins from outdoor activities

  • You need to be an active subscriber and set up connections with Garmin Connect (for now, more connections later) on www.rouvy.com - login - your icon - cloud.


How can I connect Garmin to ROUVY?

Why is Garmin first?

  • It is our main partner, so we are starting with this partnership.

When do you plan to do the Strava outdoor rides?

  • In a few weeks.

When do you plan to include other brands/apps?

  • Not yet set, but we’ve communicated with them.

Will it work just for the offseason or from that moment forever?

  • Forever.

May I upload past activities and get coins?

  • No, it is not possible. Only activities completed after the release are rewarded.

Will the coins count the same way as in indoor cycling?

  • No, there is a difference in the outdoor/indoor specifics.

Will Achievements be part of outdoor riding?

  • Yes, Achievements will be part of it. You will see them in the app.

Where will the outdoor activity be displayed?

  • Activity will show up in Dashboard (rouvy.com) in My activities - it will be marked as an outdoor activity.
  • You will not find it in the training diary at my.rouvy.com.


Is it possible to ride the same outdoor route?

  • Yes, it is.



In the following cases, an outdoor activity will not be counted for the Career

  • Imported activity is older than 14 days.
  • Multiple parallel activities have been imported.
  • The activity exceeds the 1650 Vm/h limit.
  • The average speed is too high.


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