How to begin with ROUVY

Are you new in ROUVY? You are welcome! This article gives you step-by-step instructions on creating your user account, downloading the ROUVY application, and starting your first ride. Follow instructions, prepare your pain cave and enjoy the real routes, all over the world from your home.

Sign-up - create your ROUVY user account and download the ROUVY application

First login into the app

Start the ride

Useful tips

How to create a user account?


Go to the ROUVY website > click on the "Create account" button > Fill in your email and password and click on the "Create account" button.


It will redirect you to the page where you can download the ROUVY app for macOS or Windows. In the case of Android and Apple devices, you must download the app in the corresponding store. Download it or if you already have the app on your device, just launch it.

We recommend checking if your device is supported.


NB* Download link for macOS and Windows is available for logged users only.


Open the ROUVY app and click on the "Sign-up" button. It will redirect you to the page where you choose your email and password.


Log in to the ROUVY application

Once the application is downloaded and successfully installed it is time to log in to the app and finish the settings of your user account. 

Open the ROUVY app and log in with the email and password you used in the first step  > click on the "Continue" button on the Welcome page > fill in your details. To get the best experience is necessary to add the true data.


Click on "Continue" and answer our survey.


Connect your trainer and you are in!


Start the first ride

No credit card needed! For all new users, there is a free Trial period. There are 14 days for free to explore what ROUVY offer.

Before you start the first ride, we are bringing you a quick Tutorial:


Your trainer is successfully connected, and it is time to choose the route. Click on the "Change" button on the first tale. 


There are plenty of routes sorted into categories, or you can use "search" or filter routes according to your requirements, all interactive. Choose your best one.


Click on the "Start," and choose the mode you want to ride in. Begin exploring the world with ROUVY indoors!


In the ride screen, you can see all the important information, and you will also be able to choose what to display (nearby list, altitude, %FTP, or W/Kg).


After finishing the activity, you can review statistics, rate, or add the route to the Favourite category and check earned Coins:



  • Read the article with tips here.
  • Make sure that your trainer or sensors are up to date. We recommend doing firmware updates and calibration in the official app from the manufacturer.
  • Make sure that your trainer or sensors are not connected to Bluetooth devices elsewhere when connecting it to the ROUVY app. The trainer has to be free to pair with the app only.
  •  If you have a smart trainer, always make sure your trainer is connected as "Controllable" so that you can feel the gradient changes.
  • We strongly recommend that you download the route video before a ROUVY organized race or if it's a big event. If you have a good Wi-Fi connection, it may be sufficient just to stream the video for normal rides. One has the option.
  • Click on the "Start" button, and you will either start a ride or enter the race you registered for already.

For advanced settings and exploring ROUVY features, you can also visit the following articles:

For more help, please feel free to contact us.

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