STRAVA Live Segments on ROUVY

STRAVA Live Segments allow athletes to compete against their Personal Best (PR) efforts ridden previously on the route with segments using ROUVY or to compete with the King or Queen of the Mountain (KOM or QOM), the fastest rider in that segment. Here is the direct link to STRAVA Live Segments.

To start STRAVA Live Segments at ROUVY, make sure you have the 2.11.0 version or the newer version of the ROUVY App. 



Strava is the biggest social platform for athletes from all around the world.

Are you new to STRAVA? Find out more about the following terms to understand the STRAVA LIVE SEGMENTS functionality.


A part of a route where athletes get the chance to set a time that will be displayed on the leaderboard.

PR - Personal record

Athlete’s previously achieved best result on the given segment.

KOM - King of the mountain

The fastest male on the segment

QOM - Queen of the mountain

The fastest female on the segment

STRAVA Subscription

Paid version of STRAVA


How to start STRAVA Live Segments on ROUVY

To enjoy STRAVA Live Segments, you have to be a STRAVA Subscriber. Don’t worry, if you do not have a STRAVA Subscription; we provide you with a STRAVA Subscription for 30 days for FREE.

The feature works:

  • in TIME TRIAL mode
  • for INDOOR activities only

The feature does NOT WORK:

  • in JUST RIDE
  • in RACE
  • for OUTDOOR activities


How to get started

1. CREATE an account / LOGIN to the ROUVY App via your ACCOUNT.

2. CONNECT your STRAVA account to ROUVY and grant STRAVA Live Segments permission. If you had previously connected STRAVA, grant new permissions for the STRAVA Live Segments feature.

3. STRAVA Subscription: For the full STRAVA Live Segments experience, you need the STRAVA Subscription. If you do not have any, use the 30 days of free trial on STRAVA provided by ROUVY.

If you want to learn more about the STRAVA Subscription, click here.


ROUVY and STRAVA Live Segments experiences

Below, you can find the overview of different experiences based on the STRAVA Subscription status and connection.


QOM & KOM - We will display the  KOM & QOM avatars during the segment ride.

PR - If the athletes have previously ridden on this route and have uploaded their activity to STRAVA, then they will be able to compete with their PR. Avatar of their PR will be displayed.

LEADERBOARD- Athletes will get their effort recorded in the STRAVA LEADERBOARD.


QOM & KOM - No KOM or QOM will be displayed during the ride.

PR- No PR avatar will be displayed.

LEADERBOARD - Athletes will get their effort recorded in the STRAVA LEADERBOARD.


QOM & KOM - No KOM or QOM will be displayed during the ride.

PR - No PR avatar will be displayed.

LEADERBOARD - Athletes will NOT get their efforts recorded in the STRAVA LEADERBOARD.

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1. Q: How do I know which routes on ROUVY are supported by STRAVA Live Segments?

A: If there is the STRAVA icon on the route preview, it means it has strava segment.

You can also search for the STRAVA Live Segments route category featuring all the routes with supported segments.


2. Q: Can I do a free trial to see how STRAVA Live Segments work with ROUVY without paying the STRAVA subscription immediately?

A: Yes - you can try out STRAVA Live Segments on ROUVY without any immediate payment - simply get the 30 days of STRAVA Subscription for FREE. Connect STRAVA to your ROUVY ACCOUNT and you will get access to a FREE 30 day STRAVA Subscription


3. Q: Will there be Live Segments on all ROUVY routes in the future?

A: We are currently only focusing on AR routes.


4. Q: I found that my or someone else's activity is not valid and being taken into account for the virtual segment and STRAVA Live Segments on ROUVY, how to proceed?

A: STRAVA allows the community to flag activity that doesn't seem right to them. That should definitely be the first step you take: The Activity Flag: Remove an Activity´s segments results from the Leaderboard. Do you need to explain what are Leaderboard Guidelines? No problem, check this site: Segment Leaderboard Guidelines.

The second option is to report cheating directly to STRAVA: How to Report Cheating on Strava.


5. Q: I cannot see my PR, I do see KOM/QOM and have everything set up correctly - what is the issue?

A: If you do not see your PR on the route, it is because you are riding on the route for the first time with a Strava account connected. After you complete a ride on the route and the activity is sent to Strava, you will be able to see the PR avatar on the route. 

If you still miss your PR avatar, make sure the GENDER is set up correctly both on ROUVY & Strava. 


6. Q: I cannot see KOM/QOM, I do see my PR and have everything connected correctly - what is the issue?

A: If you do not see the KOM/QOM on the route, but you see PR, please, check your GENDER SETTINGS - both GENDER SETTINGS, on ROUVY and STRAVA, need to be set up in the same way.


7. Q: Can I turn on/off STRAVA Live Segments in a user's settings?

A: You can hide the Strava Live Segments feature in the SETTINGS menu before or during a ride.


Video Tutorial


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