No puedo aplicar mi cupón de regalo o código de descuento


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If you have trouble applying your Gift Coupon or Discount Code, there are some possible reasons why your code does not work:

  • Your code could have expired.
    Most of the offers have a period of validity, please check the original instructions that came with the code to see if the offer is still valid.

  • You have already used another code.
    It is not possible to combine two active codes at the same time.

  • You have an active subscription - in this case you cannot apply a free period code.
    Please contact us, we will try to find a solution for you.

  • You might be trying to apply a code to an already-made payment.
    You can only apply the discount code for the new payment at the checkout, apply a discount on the next renewal payment, or, in case of a Gift Coupon, get a 100% discount while the Gift Coupon is active.

  • You might be trying to apply one discount code twice.
    Discount codes are one-time only, you can only apply the code once to make one purchase.

  • You are a member of the Lifetime price guarantee.
    Discount codes are valid only for subscribers who are not members of the lifetime price. 
    Please contact us, we will try to find a solution for you.

  • Please make sure that the discount code you use applies to the chosen subscription plan. The discount code can usually be applied to 6-month and 12-month plans only, it is impossible to buy a monthly subscription with a discount.
    Please check the accompanying instructions to make sure the code can be applied to your chosen subscription plan.

  • You might be trying to apply code to the external subscription, unfortunately, it is not possible. You can learn how to migrate your external subscription to ROUVY in this section.

Both Gift Coupons and Discount Codes are applied the same way, that it described in this article

The difference between an Gift Coupon and a Discount Code is only in the discount amount it gives:

  • Gift Coupons give you a free-of-charge subscription for a limited period, in other words, a 100% discount for a period of time, and

  • Discount Codes that give you a discount on your subscription purchase, in other words, price reduction to your next purchase.

If the above-mentioned does not help, please, contact one of our agents - we are happy to help!

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