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Here are the most common questions about ROUVY subscription.


What subscription plans does ROUVY offer?

As a new user, you can start by activating a 14-days free trial period. After that, ROUVY offers 1-, 6-, 12-month subscription plans, please have a look here to learn more.


Where can I purchase a ROUVY subscription?

We strongly recommend purchasing the subscription directly from ROUVY, please follow this link to learn more, this way your subscription is linked directly to your ROUVY account.

It is possible to buy a subscription through iTunes and Google Play, however, with some limitations. For example, you can only subscribe for 1-month plan through external subscription, while ROUVY offers 6- or 12-month plans as well. Please check this section to learn more.


What do you get with a ROUVY subscription?

ROUVY subscription gives you full access to the ROUVY world: collections of both Augmented and other virtual routes, Paced Rides, Challenges, Races, Group Rides, access to ROUVY's library of structured Workouts, possibility to build your ROUVY Career, and gain Coins for your cycling efforts.


Will my ROUVY subscription be renewed automatically?

Yes, your ROUVY subscription automatically renews until canceled. To avoid being charged, you must cancel at least a day before each renewal date in your USER PROFILE on rouvy.com. Here you will find an article where we explain how to do it in detail.


Is my subscription canceled when I deactivate my ACCOUNT?

Yes, your ROUVY subscription will be canceled at the end of the term automatically.

The subscription of Android or Apple purchased via Google Play, or iTunes apps must be canceled manually in your Google Play or iTunes account. 


Can I use ROUVY without a subscription after the free trial period?

Unfortunately, no. After your 14-days free trial period, you’ll need to purchase a subscription to be able to join rides.


How do I manage my ROUVY subscription?

You can manage it on ROUVY.com. Just log in, and click on your profile (right top corner), and then go to Subscription section.

For more detailed explanation how to manage your subscription, please, take a look at this article.


Does ROUVY have Family Sharing? 

No, unfortunately, Family Sharing feature is no longer available for newly subscribed users.


How can I cancel my ROUVY subscription?

Here you will find an article where we explain how to do it.


How can I cancel my iTunes/Google play subscription?

You have to cancel it manually in your iTunes or Google Play account. It is not possible to cancel it through ROUVY, unfortunately. 


Can I use ROUVY on multiple devices?

Yes, you can register up to 5 devices. Five is the maximum limit.

If the maximum number of devices is exceeded, you'll see a red note in the App stating that the number of devices has exceeded the maximum, and that you'll have to manage your subscription and delete at least one device. In this case, please go to my.rouvy.com to carry out necessary changes. Step-by-step instructions can be found in this article.


For more help, please feel free to contact us.



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