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Starting from ROUVY App 2.28.0 prepare to jump on your bike with Coins to collect and Experience to gain.

Now you progress in your ROUVY Career by gaining Experience while collecting Coins to spend on customizing your AVATAR.

This article explains the difference between the two, as well as the ways to gain both, and what they are useful for.


Coins and Experience - What is the Difference?


Current users get the same amount of Experience points as they previously had Coins as a head start.
After that initial doubling, the rules of gaining Coins and Experience are the same for everyone.


The difference is rather simple:

  • EXPERIENCE points give you the possibility to progress in your ROUVY Career, while
  • COINS can be spent customizing your Avatar.

You can see both your COINS and ROUVY Career level directly on your dashboard:


When you click on your name on the dashboard you can see

  • how many Experience points you already have, and
  • how many you need to get to progress in your ROUVY Career:


  • In the top-right corner you can see the amount of Coins you've already collected:



How Do I get COINS and EXPERIENCE points?

You get your Experience for any activity in ROUVY: for races, challenges, workouts, everything.

Pay attention to the experience counter to the right of the screen as you cycle:


You get your COINS only for completing a route.

When choosing a route you can see how many COINS you get for completing it directly on the route tile:


What Can I Do with Coins and Experience?

The Experience moves you further in your ROUVY Career.
To know more about Career, check out this article.

Coins can be spent on customizing your Avatar's bike frame, check out this article for all necessary information.


If something is still unclear, do not hesitate to contact us.

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