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ROUVY GROUP RIDE allows you to share your rides with your friends or other athletes from around the world.

Enjoy riding in a group, stay motivated, don’t worry about your performance, and simply enjoy exploring the world. Challenge others to join the ride without any podium aspiration.

When exploring the ROUVY world with GROUP RIDE, you will be able to stay together with the Group Ride Leader, no matter your performance. Keep pedaling, and the ROUVY Magnet will keep you close to the Group Ride Leader by giving you extra power.

Click on the Events section in your ROUVY App - and you can see your group rides in the events lists.

If you have problems with the Group Rides feature, please update your ROUVY App to the newest version!

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  • invitation-driven
  • non-competitive - all athletes are welcome - no matter your fitness level
  • no official GROUP RIDE results
  • a great tool to befriend and engage with new athletes outside your circle
  • join our Facebook group ROUVY Athletes, create your own events, and invite your friends


Join a Group Ride from the App

You can search, join, and download a route for your Group Ride directly in the App:

  • Click on the Events section in the left-hand bar; 
  • Scroll through Races and Group Rides;
  • Choose the one for you and click on the route tile;
  • then click on Join event.


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  • you can download the group ride route too - just click the Download button next to the Join event one;
  • you can see your upcoming events, including your group rides in the same Events section in the app.

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Join a Group Ride from

You have access to Group Rides and Events from your profile on

  • Log in to your account on;
  • Go to the Events sections in the top bar;

Sfvfvcreenshot 2024-05-28 at 11.07.32.png

  • Scroll down to see the Timeline of your events - all the running, planned, and finished events, as well as the Filters button that can help you find your correct event;

Screenshot 2024-05-28 at 11.11.56.png

Screenshot 2024-05-28 at 11.12.03.png


Create a Group Ride

You can create a Group Ride in the same Events tab on - use this direct link and log into your ROUVY account.

You will see a big button on the right:

Screenshot 2024-05-28 at 11.17.40.png

  • Fill in the mandatory fields (Group Ride name, Date/Time, Smart trainers only, Password, Leader, Route name, Participants, Friends);
  • Click on the CREATE A GROUP RIDE button at the bottom.



You can find your newly created Group Ride in the Event section of the ROUVY app under Upcoming Events:

Screenshot 2024-05-28 at 11.22.23.png


ROUVY Magnet scenario

To stay next to the Group Ride Leader, one must produce the same effort/watts as the Leader.

When a rider produces less performance and starts losing distance, the magnet kicks in and starts helping the rider to stay with the group.

It works the other way too - if you decide to challenge your Group Ride Leader and ride much faster than him or her, our magnet will pull you back to the Group Ride Leader, allowing you to stay with the Group yet enabling you to give the extra effort you want to. It will get progressively more difficult to stay ahead.

There will be an indicator visualizing your position towards the leader (seconds behind or ahead of the leader) and performance savings against the leader.



For more help, please feel free to contact us.

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