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Step No. 1: How to choose a Trainer?

Buying the right equipment is an essential part of starting any sport.
From the beginning, you need to decide your budget.
If you already have a bicycle, you have one less thing to worry about. Then decide whether you want a cheap, medium or most expensive solution. We write about the specification of individual trainers in our article Supported Trainers.

Step No. 2: ROUVY recommendation

We have done the work for you i.e. have prepared an offer for you on our ROUVY E-SHOP, where you can choose 100% supported trainers without worrying about making a mistake. We only offer the range that most of our users ride.

Some of the less common Supported Smart Trainers are:

Alternatively, if you don't want to switch bikes between outdoor and indoor riding, you can also buy a Supported Smart Bike:

Step No. 3: E-SHOP

Speaking of the E-SHOP, we have several sections here:

  • Gift Card - if you want to make someone happy with membership, we have nice gift cards for subscriptions.
  • Apparel - there is an attire in the ROUVY brand.
  • Accessories - a bicycle bottle is always useful.
  • Gear - the most frequently purchased trainers by our users without searching.

Now you are ready to create an ACCOUNT, install the ROUVY App and use the free TRIAL! You can find more details in the section, "Sign up process".

Let's ride!


For more help, please feel free to contact us.


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