Ho problemi nell'upload delle mie ATTIVITÀ


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In this article, we will summarize why your ACTIVITY might not be uploaded or counted correctly. To get a basic explanation of what ACTIVITY is, please take look at this article.

Please, do not forget that to count your outdoor efforts towards your ROUVY career, you need to set up an automatic connection between Garmin or/and STRAVA, more information on the topic is here.

  • Your finished ACTIVITY did not upload, you cannot see it in your user profile.
    There might be several reasons for that: 
    • You might not be connected to the Internet. Check your connection status and speed.
    • You are out of storage. Try deleting some downloaded routes to free up some space. 
    • Our database can be overloaded, check the ROUVY System status here.
    • The upload might still be in progress. It can take up to a few hours to be uploaded. If the activity is not uploaded for a longer time, don't hesitate to contact us.
      DO NOT DELETE YOUR ACTIVITY. Try to log out, wait for a few minutes, and log in back into the ROUVY App. If it does not help, feel free to contact us.
  • The ACTIVITY is not counted because your trainer shows non-human values.
    At ROUVY we are very careful about the technicalities, so if we have any doubts we might not count the activity.
    • Check your PROFILE SETTINGS first, make sure your weight and height are entered correctly. This is extremely important as it is the basis on which ROUVY decides on your values.
    • Check if your trainer is connected correctly: only the ROUVY App should be controlling your trainer to ensure the best result.
    • Try calibrating your trainer.

  • Your outdoor activity is uploaded but not counted in the CAREER. It can happen in the following cases:
    • Imported ACTIVITY is older than 14 days.
    • Multiple parallel ACTIVITIES have been imported.
    • The ACTIVITY exceeds the 1650 Vm/h limit.
    • The average speed is too high.
    • The average speed is less than 8 km/h.
    • You don't have an active SUBSCRIPTION PLAN or FREE TRIAL PERIOD.
      If your activity is none of the above, and still not counted, please contact us, and we will try to help.

  •  You cannot connect to STRAVA/ Garmin or any other Apps - please take a look at this article.

For more help, please feel free to contact us.

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