Il mio account è disattivato? Sono stato bannato?


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If you find that some of your activities have been reported as cheating and have been disqualified from the ranking, and your account shows you the warning of being limited for the time being - you might have been marked as a banned user.

This article provides the necessary steps to unlock and use your account again. We will also explain the possible reasons for banning your account - so you can avoid being banned in the future. 

Being banned can be frustrating, but taking proactive steps to resolve the issue can help you get back on your bike enjoying ROUVY in no time. 


Why Are Some Users Banned?

There are two most common reasons why your activity may be banned:

  • One of the most common is incorrect profile settings, such as inaccurate weight or height measurements.
    ROUVY uses the measurements you provide to calculate virtual power and control resistance in addition to your trainers' values.
    If the measurements you've entered are incorrect, it seems that your values are non-human. Please, go to your PROFILE SETTINGS on and check of your gender, weight, and height are correct.
  • Another possibility is that your trainer is not correctly connected. If you suspect that your trainer is not connected correctly or it translates incorrect/ non-human values, try re-connecting your trainer or calibrating it.
    As well as your measurements, the correct and consistent data from your trainer is important for ROUVY to mimic the real road experience to the fullest. You can check your trainer compatibility here, and learn how to connect your trainer here.


How To Know If You've Been Banned

When the user is banned, he gets a notification message saying “Your account is limited.”

From that moment on and all his active challenges and online races are unregistered. He is removed from all rankings and route records. He can not ride any route race. 

If the user tries to join the RACE and pushes the START RACE button, the route pre-training screen will display a message: "You have no access to ride a Race. You can ride in JUST RIDE mode only. Your ACCOUNT is limited."  This warning will also appear in the user profile settings and in-season rankings.

The same goes for CHALLENGES, and GROUP RIDES - when the user is banned they have no access to those.

The user can only ride in JUST RIDE mode until the ban is lifted.


What Should an Excluded User Do?

We strongly recommend:

  • to check if your USER PROFILE settings and measurements are correct;
  • to reconnect and calibrate the trainer, correcting any inaccuracies;
  • then get in touch with our support team at for assistance.

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